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Police solve missing bison case

160706TOU-1_origJACKSON HOLE, WY – Law enforcement agencies across the country are facing public backlash regarding their approach to arrests, infringements on Constitutional rights, and wrongful death suits. So it’s refreshing to see a police department still practicing some old school public outreach.

Mayor Sara Flitner tipped us off to a heartwarming story featuring the benevolence of the Jackson Police Department. Several months ago a “super cool police officer in Jackson” gave young Davis McDowell a stuffed bison. Davis’ mom, Gayle, said just getting to meet a policeman was thrill enough for her son, but the toy buffalo and Davis soon became inseparable.

Davis called the bison “Officer Buffalo” and he took it everywhere with him. Then, the buffalo was lost. Gayle searched online but was unable to find a replacement. She reached out to Jackson PD with a letter asking if they could point her to where they got the toy. The department did better than that.

An officer drove 30 miles to the store where the buffalo was purchased and bought Davis an exact replica. The replacement was mailed to Davis complete with a police department patch, badge and note explaining the bison had wandered back to Jackson to see his old police friends and was well cared for during that time.

Way to go, Jackson’s finest.

Cabin in the woods

160706TOU-2_origWide Open Country’s Home & Garden contributor Courtney Giardina is ready to drop everything and move into a juicy Jackson Hole cabin. “[W]e’d love to move in,” she wrote.

The property Giardina was drooling over is a Sotheby’s listing for the Crescent H Ranch lodge that includes 88 acres; a 3-bed, 3-bath log cabin called the Lion’s Den; and two additional guest cabins.

“We could see ourselves enjoying a cup of warm coffee in the morning or nightly glass of wine on the front porch swings of the bedroom cabins,” Giardina finished before disclosing the price tag: a cool $14.8 million.

Transgender in Laramie

160706TOU-3_origThe battle for transgender rights in Wyoming rages on with Laramie the unofficial epicenter of the state debate. A story in The New Tork Times featured recent Laramie High School grad Rihanna Kelver, who is transgender. The 18-year-old is running for a seat on the school board in Albany County School District 1 based entirely on transgendered students being allowed to choose their bathroom.

Jack Healy’s piece began with a self-imposed multiple-choice question ACSD No. 1 trustees asked themselves. The choices included letting “transgender students use the bathrooms matching their gender identity, aligning Laramie with the Obama administration and liberal activists,” or letting “anatomy dictate, appeasing conservative parents and religious groups.”

Healy wrote that, “It was a tough call in a community that is one part liberal college town and one part conservative Wyoming range, where some church signs cite Scripture while others quote the musician Prince. People still visit a memorial to Matthew Shepard, the gay University of Wyoming student who was murdered nearby in 1998.”

CHiPs star bikes onto Idaho force

160706TOU-4_origCHiPs star Erik Estrada just joined the St. Anthony, Idaho police force. The actor famous for his role as a California motorcycle cop in the hit 1980s TV series was sworn in as a reserve officer last week by Mayor Neils Thueson at city hall in the town of 3,500 people northeast of Rexburg.

Estrada said he plans to work with the police department in protecting children from Internet predators. The actor grew up in East Harlem, NYC always wanting to be a cop. Since the show, Estrada has started working for agencies around the country beginning in Virginia.

Estrada said he chose St. Anthony because he’s run into red tape in bigger cities. His invitation to help out was almost ignored, however, for the very reason “Ponch” is taking up the cause.

Six weeks ago Police Chief Terry Harris told the Idaho State Journal he received an email from Estrada that warned, among other things, that “you can’t trust everybody on the web.” So he didn’t. Then he did some research and found the email was legit and Estrada did indeed want to help his force fight Internet crime. PJH

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