The Jackson Hole Foodie Speaks

By on July 20, 2016


Gleaning wisdom from cover story scribe, Annie Fenn, MD.

Q: Why did you trade practicing medicine for writing about food? 

Annie Fenn, MD: It never crossed my mind to launch a new career. I started the food blog, Jackson Hole Foodie, because I thought it would be a good way to share recipes with friends. Then I looked around and saw that it was a really exciting time for food in Jackson Hole. The blog turned out to be less about me and my recipes and more about all the interesting people in our community who comprise and color our food culture. And I found that I really like telling their stories and inspiring people to cook more.

Q: What is the biggest strength of the JH food scene?

AF: The millennial generation of foodies. I meet 20-somethings every day who are passionate about cooking/growing/raising/creating food, who are expanding the options we have for getting our food locally.

Q: What do we need to work on?

AF: We need to tackle our issues with food waste and food insecurity. And I would love to see more healthy food options at moderately priced restaurants.

Q: You travel frequently. What is one important foodie lesson you’ve learned abroad?

AF: Discovering new foods while traveling is fun, but it’s so much more interesting to learn about food in the context of culture and people. Be enthusiastic, be curious, ask lots of questions, and really try to embrace the food culture. Try to get to know the people behind the food. Soon you’ll be invited into people’s kitchens in their restaurants and homes, even though you don’t speak the same language, and the whole experience will be more meaningful.

Q: You’re on death row (bummer)… what is your last meal?

AF: Green salad with shaved fennel and Pecorino cheese. Gnocchi with wild mushrooms and ricotta. Sliced tomatoes with olive oil and salt. Chocolate cake. Berries. Lots of red wine to wash it all down.

About Annie Fenn, MD

After delivering babies and practicing gynecology for 20 years in Jackson, Annie traded her life as a doctor to pursue her other passion: writing about food, health, sustainability and the local food scene. Follow her snippets of mountain life, with recipes, at and on Instagram @jacksonholefoodie.

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