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160727TOU-1Pizza party

JACKSON HOLE, WY – Planet Jackson Hole and Pinky G’s Pizza were mentioned in USA Today recently. The local pizzeria was recognized for its New York-style slices and the fact it was visited by food TV celebrity Guy Fieri, who brought his popular show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives there last year.

“Because it is set back off the street, it would be easy to miss, but this would be a mistake, especially since it is one of the most reasonably priced restaurants in Wyoming’s highest rent town,” wrote USA’s Larry Olmsted.

The national paper also wrote: “Pinky G’s has won the Best of Jackson Hole award for pizza every full year since it opened (2012-2015).”

Um, that would be The Planet’s Best Of, by the way.

160727TOU-2Treasure hunter rescued again… and again

Madilina Taylor, 41, of Lynchburg, Virginia, was rescued by the Park County Sheriff’s Office for the third time in three years. The treasure-seeker with a case of gold fever has a history with the county’s search and rescue team.

Taylor was first picked up with a boyfriend in 2013 after four days of being lost in the Big Creek area and suffering from exposure. The couple returned in June 2015. Taylor had to be airlifted from the North Fork after falling and breaking her ankle. Authorities asked her then to please not return to Wyoming after she told them she was here looking for fabled treasure of Forrest Fenn—supposedly hidden somewhere in Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado or Montana.

The Missoulian and Powell Tribune carried the story.

160727TOU-3State gets cash to spy on skeeters

To be clear, Wyoming health officials are not expecting Zika to be an issue in the state. Still, Kim Deti, spokeswoman for the Wyoming Department of Health, says her department will figure out a way to spend the $143,000 from the CDC as part of the $60 million spread through the country to protect Americans from the virus.

“The mosquitoes that are the primary culprits are not going to like Wyoming’s weather,” Deti quipped to the state newspaper. Deti supposed the money would be used on “surveillance.”

160727TOU-4Chicago foodies rave on Jackson

Jay Jones’ piece in the Chicago Tribune is probably taped up on a refrigerator or walk-in cooler at one of Gavin Fine’s seven local restaurants. Jones claimed Jackson Holers were willing to embrace change, whether that was in our politics (he alluded to the Petticoat Rules era of 1920 when Jackson boasted the country’s first all-female town councils) or our cuisine.

“Six or seven years ago, you got a beer and a shot and a steak for dinner,” Chad Brown, co-owner of The Jackson Hole Food Tour told the Trib. “Now, as Brown walks guests through tastings at downtown restaurants, he boasts, ‘Our food and drink is world-class,’” wrote Jones.

Jones mentioned Fine and several other restaurateurs and chefs including Cafe Genevieve’s Josh Governale, who serves up a mean pig candy.

160727TOU-5Ferreting out Meeteetse

Meeteetse, Wyoming, is enjoying its 15 minutes of fame. The sleepy agriculture town in the center of the state is the center of attention this week. UK’s Daily Mail was one of several major publications noting the release of 35 black-footed ferrets thought to be extinct decades ago.

It was a ferret carnival day yesterday in Meeteetse as town officials celebrated the release of the ferrets in a story that has finally come full circle. In 1981, a ranch dog named Shep came home with a dead black-footed ferret in its mouth. That prompted wildlife biologists to capture the remaining wild population five years later and begin a reintroduction program first put in place the 1990s. PJH

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