Muldoon Was Pardoned

By on September 13, 2016

UPDATE: Friday, September 16

Jackson Hole, WY — According to Teton County clerk Sherry Daigle, the State of Wyoming has indeed confirmed Pete Muldoon’s eligibility to run for mayor of Jackson. “Daigle reviewed the matter in consultation with Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray,” stated a press release issued Friday. “It has been concluded that Muldoon can remain on the ballot for election, and if elected, can hold the office of mayor.”

In addition to his pardon from the State of Louisiana, Muldoon also received a deferral in the State of Wyoming in 2001 for a felony burglary, the press release explained. Because he received deferrals for both of his felony convictions, those convictions are considered dismissed and don’t prohibit him from holding office.

When asked about the burglary charge Muldoon said: “[It] happened on my third night in town, and resulted from me taking a handful of towels from a motel after a late night of drinking. Someone else had separately taken a vacuum cleaner, and because of that, the county charged me with a felony.”

Muldoon claims he opted for a plea deal instead of a trial because he was promised the charge would be removed from his record after probation. The threat of jail time and a costly trial also helped convince Muldoon to accept the deal, he said.

“I have apologized for my mistake, and I’ve paid the price for it. I take full responsibility for taking the towels,” Muldoon said.

Jackson Hole, WY — In the immortal words of country legend George Jones: “The race is on,” at least it seems to be anyway. Mayoral candidate Pete Muldoon has been cleared of any felony record for writing bad checks 20 some years ago in the state of Louisiana. This makes him eligible to run for mayor in the town of Jackson. However, Teton County deputy attorney Keith Gingery says he is still looking into the matter.

In a letter addressed to Teton County clerk Sherry Daigle, Gingery wrote, “The Teton County Sheriff’s Department did receive from the State of Louisiana, a document dated February 5, 1998 titled Verification of First Offender Pardon. The document states that Mr. Muldoon was tried and sentenced to two years probation, and that he is fully pardoned for the offense and his rights of franchise are restored in Louisiana.”

What the letter also states, however, is Gingery’s concern that there was somehow still a felony reflected on Muldoon’s record despite confirmation that he was indeed pardoned in Louisiana. The attorney wrote that further investigation is required. Teton County Sheriff’s Department, he noted, is looking into the matter.

In reaction to the news, Muldoon responded, “As I expected, there is nothing in my record that would disqualify me from serving as mayor. It was irresponsible of the News&Guide to publish a tabloid story based on speculation and sourced by leaks, which were clearly inappropriate and designed to influence the election.”

Muldoon added that he is looking forward to returning to the campaign trail and discussing issues that matter to the community.

“My opponents want to talk about anything but issues, but we’re going to keep talking about the things that really matter to voters: housing for our families, supporting our human services, dealing with transportation, and moving our community forward.”

Incumbent mayor Sara Flitner is also relieved that the mayoral race can seemingly shift focus now. “I am glad the issue has been cleared up so we can get to issues that matter to the whole community,” she said.


[Editor’s Note: A previous iteration of this story did not include Gingery’s concern that a felony is somehow still reflected on Muldoon’s record despite proof of his pardon. The Planet will publish updates as they become available.]


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