The ‘Nos’ Have It

By on September 20, 2016

Jackson Hole, WY — Unofficial results are in from the special referendum vote on District 2 and the “No” vote was victorious 827 to 647. That means ordinances involving updated land development regulations (LDRs) for District 2, the downtown’s core, are repealed. Now the Jackson Town Council will have to devise a new set of LDRs.

The nonprofit Save Historic Jackson Hole brought the issue to a vote with a referendum petition after Town Council approved the regulations in July following three readings. More than 700 residents signed the petition. Board member and former executive director Armond Acri called it “democracy in action.”

Town council candidate Judd Grossman was vocal about his decision to vote “no.” He wants electeds to wait to redo the District’s regulations and zoning until after the November election, when a potential new set of politicos is seated.

As he sees it, the LDRs were problematic because of the Workforce Housing Bonus Tool.

“This tool allows an additional 1,200 units of free market housing including 100,000 square feet of short term rentals in District 2,” Grossman posted on The Planet’s Facebook page earlier today. “There should be no unrestricted residential or short term rentals of any kind included in the bonus FAR … The regs that are up for a vote today include a bonus of two square feet of market residential for every one square foot of deed restricted residential. I would call that an attempt to ‘housing wash’ an inappropriate expansion of unrestricted development rights.”

Today’s vote marks the second time Save Historic Jackson Hole has been successful in overturning a decision by town leaders.

Official results will be released tomorrow afternoon.

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