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Water Protectors Unite


JACKSON HOLE, WY – This letter is in reference to the PJH article about a Jackson local who recently traveled to the Standing Rock Sioux reservation (The Buzz 2: “Water is Life,” September 7) to stand in solidarity with protesters of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Human rights violations have gone on way too long and the time is now to take action and step up to powerful corporations that are at the helm of these atrocities. A new revolution is in our hands, an opportunity to fight for what is right. But a physically violent revolution will not be successful, especially considering the military police complex system that pervades this country. Instead, educated, informed minds will foster the new revolution that we as a human tribe need to incite to create change.   

Standing Rock water protectors and people from all around the world are uniting for the good of planet earth and people everywhere who demand safe drinking water. It is despicable that big corporations can sneak in during the early morning hours to bulldoze sacred ancestral burial sites and get away with it, while the Native Nations peacefully rally against these violations, only to be arrested and thrown in jail.

The Native Nations have been abused for way too long and with the rights of so many different groups recently being violated, it is the time we as a world stand up and protect the rights of the indigenous nations right now.

There is a team of Jackson residents heading out to the Standing Rock Sioux reservation water protection rally on September 29 to bring supplies. The Standing Rock reservation camp is completely off-grid and relies on supplies from around the world to sustain people’s health and the honorable cause they are battling. Our cold weather community can help protesters by providing items such as camping equipment like tents, tent stakes and tarps. They also need wood, blankets, socks, ski jackets, ski pants, warm hats and gloves. If you have anything that you are willing to contribute, the people at Hole Food Rescue are offering a drop-off location at 1524 Martin Lane in Jackson.

Please place donated items under the bike shelter tent.

— Water Protectors of Jackson Hole

The Past Matters

I agree with the editorial last week, “The need to own it” (News&Guide, September 7).  Past choices and actions are part of someone’s resume and should be considered when selecting someone for public office. While Pete Muldoon was ‘pardoned’ of his felonies and can run for mayor of Jackson according to our secretary of state, that is just the legal aspect. It doesn’t take away the original act of writing bad checks, which is essentially stealing, and the apparent lack of remorse.

While Mr. Muldoon is running as a populist, did he consider the potential trickle down effects of writing bad checks? Did his actions cause an employer to miss payroll, a paycheck to bounce, a late debt or rent payment? Actions have consequences and his behavior was self-centered, irresponsible and showed poor judgment.  As the story broke about the widely known incident at Targhee, Mr. Muldoon chose to blame his “opponent” for leaking the story and again not to take responsibility for his actions.

His choice not to apologize for his behavior, but rather, cast blame to someone else makes me believe he will not be a team player. Being mayor means you’re just one of five votes. You have to work with the community, the county commissioners and the council. Being mayor means you are the highest elected official in our town, a role model for residents and children. As a voter Mr. Muldoon’s past crimes and actions lead me to have serious concerns about his judgment and character and on his ability to serve effectively as mayor.

— Anne Schuler, Jackson

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