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Outdoor icon comes home

160921tou1_craigheadsAn icon in American conservation, Craighead’s passing was noted by Missoula’s Independent Record early this week. He turned 100 on August 14.

“I have listened to the voice of the mountain for most of my life,” said Craighead upon receiving The Wildlife Society’s Aldo Leopold Memorial Award in 1998.

Then Kim Briggeman wrote this evocative line: “The mountains still talk, but they lost one of their most avid listeners Sunday morning when John Craighead died in his sleep at his home of more than 60 years in southwest Missoula.”

Craighead and his twin brother Frank—who died here in 2001 at age 85—first settled in Jackson Hole when they came west from their birthplace in Washington, DC. Craighead’s oldest siblings—Karen Haynam and Derek Craighead—still live in the Jackson area.

White-hot webcam cools down

160921tou2_webcamRemember that riveting livestream of downtown Jackson that was all the rage for a season? Is it over already?

These cyber sensations sometimes go as fast as they come. Last week, your grandmother found it out—a sure sign of impending death. When we checked in on Tuesday the stream was experiencing constant connectivity interruptions with less than 100 viewers from its once glory days of 3,000 or so. We haven’t lost all hope though, and Andrew Munz’s column this week (Well, That Happened: “#FeedTheArch, Part Deux,” page 20) explains why.

Tired teens need to sleep in

Poor teenagers. They need so much sleep.

It’s only natural that teenagers find it hard to get out of bed. Hopefully, that’s comforting news to the many parents who have trouble rousing their high schooler every weekday morning.

160921tou3_teenagers-sleepThe Conversation published a story about what we’ve already known here in Jackson; in fact, we were used as the example. The September 19 article headlined, “Why teen brains need later school start time,” dove into the topic that’s been debated for the past 20 years.

The story hit up the science angle plenty. “Research findings show that teens’ inability to get out of bed before 8 a.m. is a matter of human biology, not a matter of attitude,” wrote Jens-Olaf Walter, a German professor at FUBiS in Berlin.

It was research findings in the 1980s by Brown University’s Mary Carskadon that began to cast new light on teenagers’ sleep patterns. She found the human brain has a marked shift in its sleep/wake pattern during adolescence.

“For example, the crash rate for teens in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 2013 dropped by 70 percent in the first year after the district adopted a later high school start,” Walter noted.

Texas governor burned in JH

160921tou4_texas-govIt’s been a mystery in Texas until now. Texas Governor Greg Abbott missed the Republican National Convention in July and the rumors started. Abbott came clean this week, announcing to all that he was recovering from serious burns received from a Jackson hotel shower.

The governor, who is paralyzed from the waist down, said he suffered second and third degree burns from a hot shower while vacationing in Jackson Hole in July. He did not name the hotel. Abbott developed a minor skin infection from the scalding that required several skin grafts.

Abbott came out to the San Antonio Press and other Texas media outlets.

One showdown for House

160921tou5_liz-ryanWyoming’s U.S. House hopefuls will get it on… but only once. Despite attempts to schedule up to five debates between frontrunners Republican Liz Cheney and Democrat Ryan Greene, GOP leaders would only agree to one.

“I think she’s shutting the door on the people,” Greene told The Wyoming Tribune Eagle. The Democratic challenger would have liked to have seen debates all over the state and is blaming Cheney for agreeing to only one.

The one debate will take place at the Casper College Music Building’s Wheeler Hall in Casper on October 20. Libertarian Lawrence Struempf and Constitution Party candidate Daniel Cummings will also take part. Read more in The Buzz 2: “Covert Candidate,” page 6. PJH

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