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In the Name of Change

Now that the official verdict has arrived from the Secretary of State, I will say that I’m exhausted by the investigation and reporting on the eligibility of Pete Muldoon to run for mayor, as well as the debate around the ongoing “newsworthiness” of it. Like most, as a young adult he made mistakes and suffered the consequences of poor decision-making. As a person running for public office there is reasonable expectation that past actions could surface and become a point of discussion. Pete knows this and is more than durable enough to withstand it.

But after being cleared by the state, I’m disappointed that both written and verbal narratives continue to focus on bad checks from 20 years ago rather than the many years Pete has spent as an advocate, activist, highly engaged and vocal member of this community. To me, that is a greater and more accurate measure of his character and ability to not only hold public office, but to be highly effective and efficient in his role.

As a member of the public who believes that our community is at a terrifying tipping point, I am content with his acknowledgement of his actions, and I support his desire to direct his time and energy on his campaign so he can eventually effect some real change in Jackson. Our town faces substantial challenges, and I consider his stance and comments thus far a testament to his commitment to keep the focus on the actual emergency situations we now find ourselves in.

I invite all who read this to examine their own decision-making throughout life, ask themselves if they believe that they are the same people they were 20 years ago, and think about which parts of their life experiences have given them the tools, motivation, and perspective to become better people, parents, friends, employees and community members. The person I have most faith in as a leader is someone who, despite an imperfect past, chooses to invest their own time in growing and galvanizing their community by contributing passionate and informed ideas alongside meaningful solutions. To me, that is the definition of a role model, and only one mayoral candidate fits it. I stand behind Pete.

— Cate Watsabaugh
Jackson, WY

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