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Grey Panthers Beware

JACKSON HOLE, WY – The Jackson Police Department is profiling us. Consider this: would you rather nab an ISIS terrorist or a doddering senior?  It’s a no brainer, but seniors are easy pickings.

I was happily riding my bicycle down Snow King Avenue while thinking: “Wow, I rock! I’m getting exercise, I’m not polluting, and I’m not adding to the traffic problem,” when my reverie was interrupted by a red strobe light circling behind me. I thought, “Huh, wonder who that policeman is after?” and kept riding. The strobe light kept circling so I glanced behind me and was motioned to pull over. Long and short of it was that I didn’t come to a full stop at a stop sign and was given a ticket for $120.

So I went to municipal court. And to paraphrase Arlo Guthrie, there were two things the judge could’ve done. First, she could have given me a medal for bein’ so honest because I pled guilty, or two, bawled me out and told me never to run a stop sign again. The judge began by saying I could be charged $750, at which point I got a bit disorderly, and $120 started sounding good. So she cut me a deal: traffic school.  I did get “my day in court,” and spouted off about my fellow bike riders (mostly buff 20- or 30- somethings), who are a lawless, reckless lot, and break laws with gay abandon. But I had to go back to pondering why the police picked on me… a little, old lady.

It all became clear in traffic school.  I was certain I would be the only one with my particular problem but no, sitting right next to me was a white haired gentleman who got nabbed for the same thing. And that was my “aha” moment…The police are profiling bike-riding seniors. To add insult to injury, the fellow who ran a stop sign in a car was only going to be charged $110… because he had his seat belt on.  And so there you have it:  Two counts of discrimination…one against seniors and one against seniors on bikes who are not wearing seat belts. Profiling, plain and simple.

So here’s my work-around: Start driving a Hummer, wear a wig and you may look like an ISIS terrorist. Then the police won’t even look at you. They’ll be too busy stopping and frisking the real scourge of this society: us lawless seniors.

– Sue Morgan, Jackson

Equally Evil

As an Independent I agree with Ana Cuprill and Bruce Palmer of Wyoming’s Democratic Party about Donald Trump (“From Our Readers,” October 12).  I also agree Wyoming conservatives need to have courage and backbone to renounce Trump and his bullying, hateful rhetoric.

But let’s compare Trump and Hillary Clinton on several issues referenced by Cuprill and Palmer.

Cuprill and Palmer stated that Trump’s comments about grabbing women by the genitals is indicative of behavior that is criminal.

Emails from Clinton’s Department of State (DOS) staff have indicated access to Clinton was fast tracked for those who gave substantially to the Clinton Foundation. Essentially selling access to the Secretary of the United States to the highest bidder. Emails from Clinton’s DOS staff indicate that Friends of Bill (FOB) were given priority to assist Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. Those that were not FOB were sent to a generic government website. To put organizations that were FOB ahead of others would put them first in line to secure lucrative government contracts. That is indicative of corrupt behavior that is criminal.

Cuprill and Palmer also noted Trump’s behavior, lying, and unwillingness to take responsibility for his actions.

As First Lady, Hillary campaigned to help President Bill Clinton pass NAFTA and has praised NAFTA throughout her career.  Now she claims she was the only person in Bill Clinton’s administration that was against NAFTA and always has been.  She called TPP the gold standard of free trade treaties.  Now she claims she has always been against it and never called it the gold standard.  She claims she came under sniper fire at the airport in Bosnia and ran from the airplane to secure vehicles.  Videos show Clinton casually strolling on the airport tarmac being greeted by a multitude of people.  Clinton has continuously lied about her State Department emails. She even claimed FBI Director Comey confirmed that she had always been truthful to the American public.  He said no such thing.  She insinuated that she set up her private email server on the advice of Colin Powell.  He refuted this assertion.  When confronted with evidence that contradict these claims and others, she refuses to acknowledge she’s been caught in a lie and keeps dancing around the truth.

Cuprill and Palmer praise Republican leaders that disown Trump and express disappointment in those that still support him. Yet they show no disappointment in Democratic leaders that still support Clinton despite her exposed faults. The refusal to acknowledge Clinton’s flaws reminds me of the loyal followers to David Koresh in Waco and to Jim Jones in Guyana. Yes, Wyoming conservatives need to have the courage and backbone to renounce Trump, but liberals also need to have courage and develop a backbone to renounce Clinton. Both have told lies, are untrustworthy, dishonest, unethical, and possibly have committed crimes.

– Norman Scott, Jackson, WY

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