Zac Brown Bundled: Rendezvous Fest Wrap-Up

By on March 19, 2017

Zac Brown of Zac Brown Band took the stage last night wearing the same beaver-fur hat he bought to battle last year’s freezing cold temps. But the weather this year was much more forgiving.

Still, Brown battled illness to play a set packed with original favorites, songs from his newest album, and classic rock covers. He had been awaiting the occasion since he left the stage last year. The parking lot at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort overflowed with fans, many wearing t-shirts and jeans and all singing along. Outside official venue lines, visitors lined the sidewalks and crowded hotel balconies to listen in.

The vibe was perhaps less rock-n-roll than last year’s concert—Brown played more of his own music and fewer crowd-pleasing covers, and he reportedly flew in with a fever. Still, the energy was high all night, from Iration’s reggae opening set through Zac Brown Band’s country-rock mashup. Only the emotional debut of Zac Brown Band’s new song “My Old Man” momentarily quieted the crowd. Music stopped at around 8:45, just in time for fireworks to fly at 9.

The band was bundled, but fans took advantage of the spring weather to sport cowboy hats and baseball caps, in true Jackson and country fashion.

Zac Brown Band’s frontman bought that beaver-fur hat in Jackson to battle last year’s freezing cold temps. Both the hat and the band got an encore this year.

Mid-cover of The Who’s “Teenage Wasteland.” Zac Brown Band tapered off the night with long, familiar classic rock covers, and ended with his own hit “Chicken Fried.” His set was short, but jam-packed.


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