CREATIVE PEAKS: When Master Lines Align

By on April 4, 2017

Visit this imaginative Asymbol show before it closes at the end of the week.

‘Alignment’ by Bryan Iguchi, Jamie Lynn and Schoph.  (Photo: Scott Davidson)

JACKSON HOLE, WY – Three luminaries of the adventure sports world have fed off each other’s seemingly endless creative and physical energy at Asymbol gallery, where a unique show of collaborative work by Bryan Iguchi, Jamie Lynn, and Schoph hangs until April 7.

The three artists joined forces in February during Asymbol’s HMNTR 3 (Human Nature) show to create several collaborative murals. The idea originated with Asymbol staffers, who wanted the three artists to create a permanent piece for the gallery called “Alignment.”

“The inspiration of planning and conceptualizing this piece inspired them to do more,” Asymbol’s Ashley Rice said. “They had so much creative energy and inspiration they created a whole body of work.”

Snowboarding icon Iguchi lives in Wilson with his wife Lily and two sons. He says his art is an extension of his passion for the natural world, and incorporates themes of landscapes, precipitation, erosion, and waves.

Seattle-based rider/artist Jamie Lynn was the first snowboarder to create his own graphics for his pro-model board. Asymbol’s artist statement describes him as “one of the most universally respected, iconic snowboarders of all time.” No stranger to Jackson Hole, Lynn has visited here many times for friends, riding, and art.

Hailing from Northern England, Schoph’s eerie yet dreamy art has appeared on top snowboard brands like Mervin, Dragon and Elm. Schoph is one of the masterminds behind the HMNTR exhibition. This February was his second visit to the valley.

According to Rice, the three riders/artists spent one week shredding together during the day and making art at night. Working together at the Asymbol Gallery and at Iguchi’s home, the artists riffed off of one another, moving from mural to mural, adding a line, augmenting a gesture, or completing a scene. Cans of spray paint littered the floors.

The three artists’ style complement one another. In one piece, two arms draped in vines reach toward one another, fingers entwined. This is the work of Schoph, with a mountainscape background by Iguchi. The mountainscape rests under a cresting wave above the ocean at sunset with the sun and more mountains rendered in Lynn’s looping, swirling signature style.

The Alignment mural combines tribal motifs with mythic mountains. It feels like Hawaii, Jackson Hole, and the Amazonian jungle blended into one vision, with snakes and skulls, vine-like rays of sun, and radiating energy. For the 14-foot by 5-foot work on wood panel, the artists utilized spray paint, shoe polish, and acrylic.

Photographer Andrew Miller documented the process of creating the collaborative murals, and his photos are on display as well. The Salt Lake City-based photographer recently traveled to Nepal for a 40-day, high altitude, snowboard expedition with Jeremy Jones, who was shooting the final chapter of his film Higher.

In a statement accompanying his photos of the Alignment collaborations, Miller wrote, “To witness the process and quick transformation of a blank canvas into a finished work of art was mind blowing… Powder and paint were flying all week.”

Miller also spoke to the parallels between making art and riding, where solo motivation is required but camaraderie can take things to another level. “As an artist I know how hard it can be to motivate creativity within your own work,” he wrote. “Finding that flow state can be tricky, but when surrounded by friends who all share the same passion, it is so much easier to get into the groove.”

The murals and photographs are not for sale, though a print of the Alignment mural is now available at the gallery and online ( Rice encouraged viewers to see the work in person before the murals disappear to their homes. “When you see work in the gallery, it’s amazing to see how well the artists’ unique styles work together as a whole. It makes you appreciate what happens when creative individuals get together.”

Alignment: A Collaboration hangs through Friday, April 7 at Asymbol Gallery, 150 Scott Lane. PJH

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