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By on April 18, 2017

Cathedral Voices taps conductor-in-residence for Spring Fest, Record Store Day Vinyl Swap spins on Saturday.

Cathedral Voices represent.

JACKSON HOLE, WY – Last year the 30 some members of Cathedral Voices Chamber Choir scored the opportunity of a lifetime—singing in New York City’s Carnegie Hall. The choir’s audition tape led to an invitation to join about a dozen other choirs from around the country and Canada. Cathedral Voices collectively sung with 200 voices, supported by a pro orchestra, and under the direction of Dr. Jo-Michael Scheibe.

Afterwards, Cathedral Voices artistic director and conductor Laura Huckin approached Dr. Scheibe about coming to Jackson to conduct the group in conjunction with community workshops. He was excited about the idea. And while the group’s spring concert has been an annual event since 2009, the upcoming Spring Festival is the first time it has expanded into a four-day event. In addition to featuring the Gala Concert & Reception with JH High School Concert Choir, JH Chorale, and the Cathedral Voice Chamber Choir, the fest will offer two free workshops and two open rehearsals.

“At Carnegie, we were being pushed to a whole new level of musical excellence,” explained Huckin. “Cathedral Voices is a rather small group and singing with two hundred voices in a huge hall with an esteemed conductor was really extraordinary. I thought it was something worth bringing and sharing with Jackson, not just to bring out the best in the singers but to also engage with the community.”

Collaborating with artists from Elton John to the Rolling Stones, Scheibe has a wide-ranging background. He chairs the Department of Choral and Sacred Music at the University of Southern California and currently serves as chair of the Past Presidents’ Council of the American Choral Director’s Association. Under his leadership, USC Thornton Chamber Singers received the 2015 American Prize in Choral Music, and were one of 25 choirs selected to perform at the Tenth World Choral Symposium in Seoul, South Korea in 2014.

The first workshop, “A Musical Conversation,” is an opportunity to meet Scheibe and hear about his personal musical journey with choral music. It happens 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at St. John’s Episcopal Church and is free to the public. A second workshop, “The Art of Conducting,” explores what it takes to conduct and gives attendees the opportunity to try conducting and learn the essential techniques. The latter workshop is 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Friday at Center for the Arts’ music wing and is also free. The week also allows for two open rehearsals—Tuesday and Friday—with Scheibe and the festival singers. Check out the full festival schedule at

For the Gala Concert and Reception on Saturday, the three choirs will perform individually, then together with a unified 75 voices. One piece will feature Scheibe conducting Laura Huckin on piano for a modern piece for choir, piano and strings.

“For those that may have a preconceived notion of choir music, the music planned for the Gala may be surprising as we’ll be incorporating contemporary composers and different styles,” Huckin said. “The music is stunning, and this will be another opportunity for us all to learn from Scheibe.”

Cathedral Voices 2017 Spring Gala Concert & Reception featuring conductor-in-residence Dr. Jo-Michael Scheibe with JH High School Concert Choir, JH Chorale, and Cathedral Voice Chamber Choirs, 7 p.m. Saturday, April 22 at the Center Theater, $10-$12. 

All hail the real sound of vinyl.

Vinyl swap & jam

“It’s hard being a music fan and living in Jackson where we don’t have a record shop,” noted Jason Suder, organizer of Record Store Day Vinyl Swap. “Vinyl covers the other side of the sensory experience. To so many people, music is emotional. You feel it. It sways your mood and complements what you are going through in your personal life, or helps you away from it.”

This Saturday’s classic vinyl event will build on KHOL’s Vinyl Night. Vinyl connoisseurs are encouraged to bring records to spin, to trade, or both. Jackson Hole Music Store is also getting involved, donating a ukulele to the lucky vinyl junkie that finds a rose on the bottom of their beer can. Everyone that spins music also gets a free beer.

“On this national Record Store Day, we want to honor the type of environment that helped folks like me begin to understand the most beautiful sides of the human experience: love, pain, angst, connection, art, poetry, bullshit, fun and freedom,” Suder said. “What better way to celebrate than by making something a special night during the off-season for something we already love.”

Record Store Day Vinyl Night & Swap, 8 p.m. Saturday, April 22 at The Rose, free. PJH

Aaron Davis is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, member of Screen Door Porch and Boondocks, audio engineer at Three Hearted Studio, founder/host of Songwriter’s Alley, and co-founder of The WYOmericana Caravan.


Salsa Night (The Rose)


Jackson 6 (Silver Dollar), Pam Drews Phillips Trio (The Granary)


Record Store Day Vinyl Night & Swap (The Rose), Cathedral Voices 2017 Spring Gala Concert (Center Theater) Jackson 6 (Silver Dollar)


Open Mic (Pinky G’s), Stagecoach Band (Stagecoach)


One Ton Pig (Silver Dollar)

About Aaron Davis

Aaron Davis is a decade-long writer of Music Box, a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, member of Screen Door Porch and Boondocks, founder/host of Songwriter’s Alley, and co-founder of The WYOmericana Caravan.

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