JUST IN: Cattleman’s at Spring Gulch Shuts Down

By on June 9, 2017

JACKSON HOLE, WY – The wrath of a swelling river has claimed Cattleman’s Bridge on Spring Gulch Road. The bridge that connects a popular shortcut to Jackson Hole Airport is now closed until further notice. Officials say they expect an extended closure.

“The current level and speed of the Gros Ventre River has structurally compromised the bridge, and it is currently unsafe for passage,” noted a Teton County press release.

Crews have been working to remove debris from the upstream side of the bridge, but were forced to shut down the bridge yesterday evening after reports of its “significant buckling” near the south bank of the river.

Teton County road and levee personnel are assessing the situation today, and will be working to protect the bridge’s structural integrity. But in some ways crews are at a standstill with Cattleman’s: they will not be able to complete a full damage assessment and devise options for repairs until the flood waters recede.

In addition to the bridge closure, Spring Gulch Road is restricted to local traffic south of King’s Highway and north of Lower Bar BC Road.

As water levels across the valley rise to historic highs, local officials are urging people to use extreme caution around all rivers and creeks.

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