COSMIC CAFE: We are the Change We Seek

By on July 19, 2017

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Dan Millman

JACKSON HOLE, WY – Many of you with the desire to contribute to the world based on caring and collaboration are telling me you’re experiencing an unexpected catch 22. You are finding yourselves reacting to current events with your own angry words, attitudes and actions. The disconnect here is that you are totally aware that anger only begets more anger and fear only feeds fear. Therefore, holding onto these emotions doesn’t contribute to your desired outcome.

In response to the dilemma above, here are two effective, important and valuable ways to effect positive change for you to consider. They are not necessarily mutually exclusive. You will intuitively know whether one or both are yours to pursue.

Option 1: Become an activist

The most familiar proactive option, rather than stewing in the negativity, being passive and/or feeling helpless, is to redirect your upset energies into constructive work with others who are engaged in the kinds of changes and causes about which you are passionate. It is empowering to focus your energies and skills to support those efforts.

Option 2: Upgrade your consciousness

When trauma, drama, conflict and hostility cease to have any appeal, and you have even become “allergic” to those ways of being, thinking and acting, the next step is to seek an evolutionary upgrade in your consciousness. It is likely this is your timing to shift out of participating in polarities. Simply stated, you are ready to move beyond the “for” or “against” way of thinking and acting.

How polarities function

What does it mean to be done with polarity? When we are emotionally hooked and outspokenly “against” something or “for” something, we are automatically contributing our energy to a polarized reality. Once that happens, it appears to each “side” that the way to resolve it is to “fight” till one side “wins.” And here’s the hitch: By definition, all polarities include the good and the bad, the positive and the negative, the constructive and the destructive aspects of everything. Like a see-saw, polarities by nature, are always going to flip-flop.

For example, in a polarized world, whenever there is (any kind of) war, there will be peace, and when there is peace, there will be war, whether the flip-flop happens quickly or over extended periods of time.

Consciousness beyond opposing polarities

You might think of coming from a higher level of who you truly are, as analogous to operating in the “jet stream” of your consciousness. Like the physical jet stream, once in the jet stream of your consciousness, you move effortlessly and without resistance. There is no more having to expend time, energy and resources being tossed about by the “turbulence,” which occurs at lower levels.

Operating from a higher vibrational frequency automatically brings with it completely different perspectives and possibilities. You’ll find that you continue to care deeply, and to engage in life fully, but you’ll no longer get hooked by all the rock ‘n’ roll of the world. And you’ll naturally innovate and offer new possibilities with both heart and great clarity.

New paradigm change agent

This is about sourcing, creating and sharing collaborative, innovative options without trying to convince anyone of anything, without selling anything, or coming from any overt or subtle forms of judgment about what’s wrong.

The new way is intentionally choosing to be peaceful, inclusive, compassionate, collaborative, forgiving, kind and generous—to be all these things—as consistently as possible every day in every way. When you practice walking the walk of these attributes, they become your natural way of being.

Embodying the prototype of the evolving human is coming from loving states of being and serving the greater good, just because it is yours to do. We used to think this happened only infrequently and only with the rare, exceptional person. Sometimes we called those people saints. In fact, we all have this higher option within us, and the time to discover this is now.

Imagine the collective uplift for our world as large numbers of people choose living and creating from the higher love and intelligence to which everyone’s heart and soul is connected. The words of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, also ascribed to Gandhi, are more relevant than ever: Be the change you wish to see in the world. This approach will change everything. PJH

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