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Bear Medicine for Changing Seasons

“O’ GREAT SPIRIT help me always…to remember the peace that may be found in silence.”
Cherokee prayer

Nature is slowing down and gracefully transitioning seasons. We are also meant to follow the shifting rhythms in nature so that we can reap the body, mind and soul benefits offered by the energies of transitioning to autumn…and then to winter.

Bear Medicine

Native American peoples look to nature to teach them how to live in harmony and how to align with both the practical and the spiritual potentials of each season. In Native American tradition, the bear is the animal which teaches the deeper meaning of autumn. We are fortunate to live among the bears in the greater Teton area. 

Bear Medicine, or wisdom, is the power of introspection, of going deep within, and says that all the answers to whatever we want to know lie within us.


Right now, the bear is teaching us to transition seasons in order to go within. The bear’s process is to consume food from the end of summer harvest to support its life until spring. This is its preparation to den deep within Mother Earth where it will hibernate for many months in communion with the planet’s greater intelligence and wisdom. 

We are also meant to gather in the bounty of the harvest and to take stock of what we need and no longer need in support of harmonizing with the shorter days, colder temps and more muted colors of fall. 

This is also a time for us to clear our physical closets and our emotional closets, so that we keep only what is essential as we move into the next seasons. There are fall foods which add to grounding and calibrating to the new energies, and it’s time to make hearty soups and to sleep under a warmer quilt. 

Some of us are canning, drying and/or freezing foods for our nourishment during the months when there is no outdoor gardening. All these are part of our version of Bear Medicine, gathering all we need for support in order to turn inward with plenty of space for new possibilities to gestate.

Answers to Life’s Questions

Intuition, inner peace, insight, higher intelligence and unconditional love are all states of being which are sourced from within. Bear Medicine shows us how important it is to go into the deepest states of stillness. 

The den, or the cave is the symbol for the inner self or the higher self, which connects us to all of Creation. Many tribes have called this space of inner-knowing the Dream Lodge, where we can perceive beyond this physical reality into the expansiveness of eternity.

We all have the ability to go into the silence and to know. The higher self or the soulful self is the “you” that is so much more than this physical body. It’s “you” the infinite, eternal, loving, intelligent consciousness of pure awareness. Soulful guidance bypasses the mind. 

How do you know when your soul or higher self is answering a question and directing you? You just know. Then the mind can fill in the logistics and support data.

How to Connect

Follow the autumn rhythms by slowing down and allowing it. For us, it means less time doing and more time just being. Ways to go within include: meditating, practicing yoga, walking in silence, listening to peaceful music, going for a hike and taking in the beauty, unplugging from devices, practicing gratitude, watching logs burn in the fireplace, journaling, remembering dreams, watching a sunset, gazing at the stars… There are also workshops, classes, books, movies, webinars and mentors to guide the way. Email me if you’d like suggestions. Lastly… keep in mind the following: “In busyness we get lost; in stillness we get conscious.”~ unknown

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