Jackson Gems: Local music is king this week in the Hole

By on November 1, 2017

Call it the week of the local acts. While there may not be any national musicians coming through Jackson this week, it’s pretty clear we don’t need them.

From the sweet jazz sounds of Jackson 6 to the folksy tunes of Bootleg Flyer, this week’s calendar is chock full o’ Jackson gems. Get out there and catch ‘em in action.


KHOL Vinyl Night

So, KHOL’s Vinyl Night at The Rose is unlike your typical vinyl night, which is precisely why it’s on this list.

Most vinyl nights go a little something like this: DJ spins his choice of vinyls, and sometimes they’re great. Other times, not so much.

In this case, though, you have the opportunity to make sure every vinyl that graces the record player is a very good one, as it’s customary to bring your own vinyl—or BYOV, as we like to call it—to The Rose on these nights.

What better way to spend a Wednesday night? Perhaps with some sweet cocktail deals?

Yep—what we forgot to mention above is that in conjunction with those tunes, The Rose also hands out some sweet, sweet $8 vintage cocktails during KHOL’s Vinyl Night, making a night of old waxy tunes that much better.

Records, cocktails and more records. Do you really need any more reasons to go?

KHOL’s Vinyl Night is Wednesday, Nov. 1 at The Rose in Jackson. The vinyl spinnin’ is free and starts at 8:00 p.m.


Jackson 6

The jazz, blues and swing band known as Jackson 6 — or J6 for short — certainly aren’t new to the Hole’s music scene. They’ve been at it since 2007, and have spent the last decade creating a sound that transports those swinging, stomping, and syncopated N’awlins beats right into the middle of Jackson Hole.

They’re a sound to behold, these guys — they’ve managed to pay homage to the ol’ jazz greats like Louis Armstrong with their genuine, solid technique, and a killer horn or two to match.

We’ll just put it like this: Laissez les bon temps roulez! Let the good times roll, and which they’re sure to do if you’re at a Jackson 6 show.

Jackson 6 will be beltin’ out the blues on Thursday, Nov. 2 at Silver Dollar Showroom. The music starts at 7:30 p.m., and the show is free.


Bootleg Flyer

A little bit of folk, and a little bit of rock ’n’ roll…and country? Well, the musical amalgam may sound odd, but it sure works for Bootleg Flyer.

Known for finely tuned harmonies and a folk-rock feel, Bootleg Flyer has proven over the years that they can conquer just about any tune, whether it’s an up tempo dancin’ number or an old soul ballad.

They’ve become a Jackson staple, thanks to the five solid musicians who make up Bootleg Flyer — those two Miller girls along with bassist Dave McCann, who’s a Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame Member, Chris Smith on drums, and Justin smith on guitar.

Bootleg Flyer has earned some serious street cred outside of Jackson, too — they’ve shared the stage with Buddy Guy, Blues Traveler, and the Wreckers, just to name a few.

Bootleg Flyer plays Friday, Nov. 3 at Silver Dollar Showroom in Jackson. Music starts at 7:30. The show is free.


Stagecoach Band

Don’t side-eye us at the mention of Wilson; it’s by no means too far of a trek to catch the world-famous Stagecoach Band, and you don’t even have to cross the pass to do it.

If you’re unfamiliar with Stagecoach Band, it’s time to familiarize yourselves, stat.

These folks have been a staple at Stagecoach for decades, busting out a blend of rowdy country music every Sunday night—better known as Sunday Church to those in the know— that’s just perfect for dustin’ off your dancin’ shoes — err, boots.

The five-member band has graced the stage more than 2,500 nights during the past 44 years, which means they have spent plenty of time perfecting the art of luring you onto the dancefloor, two-left-feet or otherwise.

Stagecoach Band takes the stage at Stagecoach, 5800 West Highway 22, Wilson on Sunday, Nov. 5. The show is free and starts at 6 p.m.


One Ton Pig

If you’re looking to drown your sorrows, or perhaps just revel in gin and some old sad-man music, we’ve got a show for you.

One Ton Pig—a Jackson sextet known for pulling from the hard luck greats like WIllie Nelson and Johnny Cash—will be busting out their version of progressive bluegrass at Silver Dollar Showroom at the Wort Hotel.

These Jackson boys are hardly just covering the hits, though. They’re singer-songwriters in their own right, having released four albums that defy genres. Rather, they meld folk, jazz, country, bluegrass, gospel and rock’n’roll to create their own One Ton sound, one that begs to be heard out at Silver Dollar.

They’ve shared the stage with some pretty big names over the years, including McCourys, Wood Brothers, Chris Robinson—an artist who will be in Jackson later this year—Railroad Earth and Old Crow Medicine Show, to name a few.

This time, though, they’ll be gracing the stage as the solo act, making it easy to pour all your attention into the sound of One Ton Pig. It’s worth your Tuesday.

One Ton Pig play at Silver Dollar Showroom on Tuesday, Nov. 7. Music starts at 7:30 p.m., and the show is free.

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