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By on December 13, 2017

We just really wanted to use this artwork. Like for real.

Ed. note: Should you be on a social media sabbatical, you may have missed the news that Pete Muldoon recently appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in a bit entitled “American Voices & Also Faces.”  

The six minute appearance of Muldoon and his roommate Bobby was…well…controversial, to say the least. The duo joked about Trump, the controversy surrounding Jackson’s “picturegate,” and some stickers on yoga pants. After it aired, Muldoon was on the receiving end of some pretty angry letters about the appearance.

Luckily he’s also been on the receiving end of some fan mail too. We know this because those letters are forwarded to our inboxes on the regular, and we’ve taken great pleasure in reading them.

We also admittedly took great pleasure in the appearance, which yes, did perhaps come off a bit misogynistic, but also hilarious.

Jokes, man. They were just some champagne jokes. Here are a few of our favorites:


“Pete, Thank you for taking the time to explain what happened on the Colbert show.

Unfortunately, your 15 minutes of fame since “picturegate” and the most recent disaster on  The Steven Colbert Show has shown you how the media will use and distort your words solely for entertainment purposes.

With the Colbert show, you are now personally experiencing “Fake News” first hand!

Ironic isn’t it that a Democrat is now experiencing what the Republicans have been stating for years?  

With all the negative press we have seen due to either your actions or remarks on TV, I think you are in above your head; and as Mayor of our fine town of Jackson Hole , it is time to step down.

When you agreed to go on the Colbert show, what was the reason? To keep dividing our town with more political anti -Trump rhetoric? Or were you hoping to elevate your own personal ambitions?

I thank you for your response that you had no idea that the Colbert show would “cut and splice your comments as they so please, and had you known, you would not have done the show” but unfortunately…it is too late; you hurt the very town you represent.

The idea of objectifying women and promoting cocaine are not acceptable nor amusing to the good citizens of Jackson Hole.

Even if you did not say it…your roommate or friend did. You have guilt by association.

My last question to you is : Just exactly what were  you to gain on going on the Colbert show? Was it to stoke the fires of divisiveness?

Did you not learn anything from “ picturegate” ?, or was the allure of being on TV so enticing?

Our town is a wonderful place to live, with people who are the most caring and generous citizens in the nation. Jackson Hole is an awesome town!

Please stop making a mockery out of us! Do the right thing for our community, which we are so proud of, and please resign.”

Ann Carter, Jackson, WY


“I wish you’d come down to NC and shake things up!  Keep up the good work!  Hopefully Mueller will help you move The Donald out of our sight permanently.  If I had a yoga a** I’d wear your sticker with pride! Carry on!”

– Stephanie, North Carolina


“I saw your interview with Stephen Colbert. Thank you!!! I admire a politician with guts! So much so, I want to visit your town for vacation. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there, but fell in love with it then, and with you is mayor, I think I will love it even more!

Not only am I respecting your guts to take a stand against the craziness of Donald Trump, but I came upon your bio when googling you and your platform that you ran on for your town. I come from a small tourist town in Washington it is bursting at the seams and much of our city Council can only see dollar signs. Responsible grows is out the window! Call that you ran on our issues facing my small community. You have inspired me! Maybe I too, shall get involved to change things for the better.

Kudos to you! We need more politicians like you!”

Julie Hepper, Chelan, WA

Fucking Love It

“That was fantastic!  Honestly I’m not sure if it could have been better!

I put my 2 cents on FB on buckrail!

If you ever talk to Colbert you have to tell him to come to Cutty’s.

I know he was here a few years ago.

Hope all is well Pete!  I absolutely fucking love it!!!”

Jerry Fasy, Jackson, WY

And, the Pièce de Résistance

Thank you for removing the photo of the lying, P-grabbing, insane Trumpanzee.

I’m proud of you, even if they made you put it back.

Lee J. Siegel, Newport, OR (and occasional Jackson visitor)

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