Decor Decorum: Where to find the best decor and cookware in Jackson for your holiday shindigs

By on December 20, 2017

Let’s talk about holiday dinners and parties. Rumor has it some people like to host them.

Perhaps you’re one of those people. Maybe you’re a holiday overachiever and aren’t quite into the idea of feeding your guests at a restaurant. Instead of letting the professionals do the work for your holiday meal, you’re going to go in and conquer the task all on your own.

While we may think you are a little… well… nuts for throwing your own holiday dinner party, we’re still here for you. No judgment.

Should you be brave enough to throw your own holiday party and are looking for the best places to dig up inexpensive decor or top notch cookware, we’ve got the list for you.

Consider this an early holiday gift from our newsroom to you.

Inexpensive Decor

Dollar Tree

Listen, you don’t have to tell anyone that’s where you got those super cute mason jar mugs – you know, the ones that go perfectly with the vodka you use to drown out reality – but if you aren’t adding the Dollar Tree to the list of places to check for holiday dining décor and cookware, you’re doing a disservice to your wallet.

There isn’t a single item in Dollar Tree that will run you more than $1 – hence the clever name – and there are just so many holiday gems to be found there, should you want to do a little bargain shopping. You can even snag some sweet wrapping paper on your way out to wrap up all those badass gifts you purchased with the money you saved on décor.

Dollar Tree is located at 520 W Broadway, Jackson


Specialty Decor

Mountain Dandy

If you’re looking for a specialty décor store, well, Mountain Dandy is where it’s at.

The brother store to MADE – a home goods shop with a vintage twist – this little man-friendly shop has become the go-to for manly interiors. If that phrase sounds intimidating, think again. This shop is more lounge than home store, and Mountain Dandy carries not only some amazing local artwork and decor but also unique items like handmade blankets, dishware and just about anything else you’re looking for to make your holiday party a unique – and handsome – affair.

Mountain Dandy even carries hand-curated vintage furniture items and cashmere pillows, should you need somewhere to place that manly head after copious amounts of food and whiskey. The only question you’ll be left answering after a visit to this shop is whether we can join in the festivities.

Well… can we?

Mountain Dandy is located at 125 N Cache St., Jackson


High End Decor

Twenty Two Home

We’re not going to tell you that a trip to Twenty Two Home will be a cheap one. What we will tell you that is it will be a unique one, and you’ll leave with your pocketbook much lighter. In return, though, you’ll have so many jaw-dropping treasures to fill your house with for the holidays.

Did you just drop $3,175 on a cowhide coffee table? Sure. But just think of how jealous your cousin will be when he sees it. And yes, that is a $105 Melchoir Cire Trudon candle sitting on top of it. You’re that fancy.

Twenty Two Home’s price tags aren’t for the faint of heart, but then again, neither are the amazing trinkets and home items they offer. So suck it up, grab your wallet and just think of how many compliments you will get when your family visits over the holidays, because it will be so very many.

Twenty Two Home is located at 45 East Deloney, Jackson


Unique Decor

Trading Places Interiors

If you want to decorate your home for the holidays with trinkets and décor that can’t be found elsewhere, we have the perfect place. Head over to a little place called Trading Places Interiors, where you’ll find just about everything one would imagine should be in a home in Jackson, Wyoming.

Looking for some rustic mountain lodge furniture? Well, you’re in luck. Oh, mountain lodge isn’t your speed? Well, how about some rustic or reclaimed pieces?

Everything about Trading Places Interiors screams local, Jackson-esque design, so you really cannot go wrong with whatever draws the eye in there. There is no chance your annoying up-the-ante uncle will claim to have your table if you snag it from this shop. Ain’t possible. It’s unique to your home and to your town. Perfect.

Trading Places is located at 610 W Broadway, Jackson


Inexpensive Cookware

Dollar Tree

Yes, you read that right. Along with that super inexpensive holiday décor, you can also snag some sweet – and by that we mean throwaway – cookware that should be just right for those times when your aunt attempts to create her famous holiday recipes and ruins your pans.

You can let her have total reign of your kitchen when all the pans you leave out for her to use only cost, oh, $1 or so. Go ahead, Aunt Sally. Do your best. Just make sure you hide the copper pans in the basement or something. Those aren’t as easily replaced, cause they sure aren’t for sale at Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree is located at 520 W Broadway, Jackson

TJ Maxx

Oh, hey! Did you know there’s a TJ Maxx in Jackson? You should go. And you should double-go if you’re looking for inexpensive cookware to impress your moms with this holiday season.

It’s bargain hunting at its finest, this place, and if you head over on a day when they restock, we promise you’ll find some treasures hidden in their home goods section for a steal. How do we know? Well, we did just snag a sweet wine opener over there on a recent trip to TJ Maxx town, and we’re going to have to head back before the ‘rents flight lands to buy a few more baking dishes.

Can’t have the “What?! No baking pans?!” fiasco of 2016 repeat itself. There is no need for that.

TJ Maxx is located at 455 W Broadway, Jackson


High End & Unique Cookware

The Grand Pan

Listen. If you’re looking for top of the line cookware for the holidays, we suggest you inquire of the great minds over at The Grand Pan. They’re known for kick ass cookware – their catch phrase, not ours – made from old disc blades that the magicians at Grand Pan grind to reveal the beautiful surfaces below.

Each pan is handmade and then expertly heated and seasoned to reveal the most amazing amalgam of colors and hues that one could ask for of a pan.

Is it just cookware? No. It’s a grand pan – The Grand Pan – and your mom will be impressed with your exquisite taste. Just check her suitcase before she leaves. There’s a good chance she’ll try and snag it.

Request a visit to The Grand Pan’s showroom at

Belle Cose

If you’re looking to make jaws drop at dinner — or in the kitchen — during the holidays, Belle Cose is a sure bet. The shop fancies itself a “luxury lifestyle boutique,” and carries everything from Le Creuset and Beatriz Ball handmade flatware to Epicurean for your upscale kitchen needs. Make sure you pick up an extra set for us while you’re there.

Seriously. Whether it’s bakeware, fry pans or simple shakers, Belle Cose is there for your fancy needs and to make sure only the very best cookware filling those kitchen cabinets. Your holiday soufflé will thank you.

Belle Cose is found in five different locations around Jackson Hole. The flagship store is at 48 East Broadway, Jackson

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