Cosmic Cafe: Timeless Wishes From Those Who Have Passed Over

By on January 10, 2018

When a reader sent me the question below, it inspired me to gather a selection of actual quotes from my work over the years with the souls of real people who have passed. Their words made me think of New Year’s wishes from the “Other Side.” Perhaps you’ll be inspired to apply the timeless wisdom to your lives, bringing you greater inner peace and happiness in 2018.

QUESTION: In your experience communicating on behalf of your clients with the souls of people who have passed over, what do those people say they want for those of us who are still here?


*“Please take from me only the good stuff … and add them to what is the best in you. Let go of any of my failings and shortcomings. Know that I loved and love each and all of you, no matter how I succeeded and failed at letting you know this.”

*“I only hope that you take into your life and share generously with others whatever positive things my presence in your life was able contribute to you. Take these things into your life, share them … pay it forward … and have the best life ever while you are still alive on Earth. There is no end to the amount of love in the Universe or in a human heart.”

*“Whatever caring things you may have to say about me today at my memorial, my wish is that you also please tell at least one person here today something kind you’ve meant to say to them and have not…and please do this often while you are in your earth lives … it makes everyone happier and creates less mess left behind.”


*“One moral from my life story is for you to think young and say kind things to yourself. It makes a big difference. One of my insights since being on this side is all about the power of thought.”

*“The biggest learning for me has been that most of what we think is real turns out to be stories we make up! Not lies, but simply inaccurate personal interpretations. I never realized this before! Events happen, experiences occur, people do things or don’t do things and we react to everything by making our own meaning of things, which may not be accurate at all.

Then, the accumulation of all our stories directs our lives, even if they are not true. And most of them are not true. In fact, any story that involves taking anything personally is an automatic story. This has been nothing less than a revelation for me to see.”


* “I have learned that taking things personally is the quickest way to slow yourself down, undermine your health, never be happy and at peace, or ever fulfill your potential in life. Without realizing it, I was carrying inside me all the hurts, insults, sorrows and things I felt were unfair from my entire life, almost like treasured possessions. If you could see what that looks like with me dragging all that stuff around inside me, it makes a pretty pathetic cartoon, in which you can see how impossible it would be to move forward in life or to ever jump for joy!”


*“Here is another thing I want to pass on to you. I did not fully realize till now how important it is to let go of old hurts. There were some old, deep hurts which I carried in the pit of my stomach my whole life. They were there so long, I wasn’t even aware, but I now know holding on to this kind of stuff is poisonous and can be…it was for me… literally deadly.”

* “Live well and let go of anything colored with guilt or regret, which you are still carrying in relation to you and/or me.  Everyone has their own path. Please enjoy yours and choose well.”


*“The two most important things I can share with all of you are: 1. Live life to the fullest and 2. Put fear aside.”

*“Maybe the message is for you to be happy without any requirements for happiness.”

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