The 50 Best Dishes in Teton County: #48, the Biscuit Board at Picnic

By on February 7, 2018


Layered and savory, Picnic’s Biscuit Board is served from 7 a.m. – 3 p.m, and will put you back around $8. (PHOTO: Helen Goelet)

When reviewing the best dishes in the valley, it would be remiss of me to overlook some of the excellent breakfast options we have. Breakfast is, like any other meal, subjective, but there are standouts that everyone can agree on, quite like the biscuit board at Picnic. (To be fair: It was a toss-up between the biscuit board and their famous breakfast burrito, but I’m confident in my choice here.) The biscuit board is so balanced and accessible that it lends itself as a popular choice for most palates, which is precisely why I love it.

The biscuit board is pretty much what it sounds like: it’s a biscuit breakfast sandwich, but even more delicious than you’ve conjured up in your head.

First up on the board: the housemade cheddar scallion biscuit. Biscuits are one of those things that are not all that hard to make, but far too often end up dry and tasting a bit like baking soda.  The Picnic biscuits are the antithesis of that. They have the perfect flaky, buttery and rich-yet-sharp flavors, which create an excellent base layer for any sandwich.

A thick layer of whipped pimento cheese is smeared onto the hot biscuit, which accentuates the creamy flavors of cheddar cheese, and the scallions cut through it to give balance to the rich flavors and texture.

What really elevates the sandwich though is the prosciutto and egg soufflé it’s topped with. While most egg sandwiches are accompanied by either thick ham or crispy bacon — both of which are delicious; I won’t argue with that — the incorporation of the delicately cut prosciutto, both crispy and salty, is really what makes the dish top notch. The prosciutto is just perfect; it’s not overpoweringly thick, yet it has a very present, delicate texture and flavor that compliments the airiness of the egg soufflé beautifully.

The soufflé itself is an outlier when compared to most early morning meals in our valley. Classic egg options can be found on every breakfast menu — scrambled, fried, poached, sunnyside up, easy-over; you know the drill — but the soufflé, or at least one like this, isn’t. It has the texture of a well made frittata, airy and light yet flavorful. It’s a result of the eggspert (sorry) kitchen at Picnic. All their egg options are served as a soufflé, and they are whipped, seasoned and delivered to perfection.

It’s also a pretty affordable option for breakfast, clocking in at $8 or so. It’s served between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m., which means the biscuit board is available for both early and late risers for breakfast, brunch or lunch. It will fill you up without pushing that “overly full” envelope, and will and keep you going for hours, or until you can head back to Picnic for a post-biscuit board snack.  PJH


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