50 Best Dishes: No. 47, Pan-Seared Marinated Hawaiian Swordfish at Turpin Meadow Ranch

By on February 15, 2018


When it comes to good food, ambiance and stunning views, there are few places quite like Turpin Meadow Ranch. Located in Moran — a four mile snowmobile ride or 20 minute car ride to Togwotee Pass — the ranch is tucked away in the foothills of the mountains and looks out over the beautiful Teton Range.

The menu is designed and prepared by talented in-house Chef Jason Welch and changes daily. It is designed as an optional 3 courses for $39 or 4 for $49. The restaurant offers two options per course, but if diners would rather order a la carte, the prices per dish are also available. Be sure to call in advance to make a reservation though, as dinner is by reservation only.

On my recent trip out to Turpin Meadow Ranch, I enjoyed each of my 3 courses, but the pan-seared Hawaiian swordfish prepared by Chef Welch was exceptional. Served over toasted barley with baby bok choy, daikon radish, pickled baby peppers, grilled shrimp and pineapple, the dish stood out because of its excellent balance of flavor and texture.

Swordfish is a hefty, meatier fish and is best when marinated and given a good char. That’s why we often see it grilled and served with acidic, lighter accompaniments. In this dish, the fresh crunch of the bok choy and daikon alongside the tart sweetness of the pickled peppers and pineapple was a perfect compliment to the smokey, heavy flavors of the pan-seared swordfish, conjuring up a longing for summertime and barbecues.

The warm, nutty bite of the toasted barley brought me back to earth, though — and this season — and gave the dish extra complexity to remind me that it is still winter. With each bite, I was able to enjoy every element on its own, as well as in harmony.

While this specific dish will likely not be what’s cooking on your next visit — the rotating menu makes it difficult to pinpoint when the swordfish will next make an appearance out at Turpin Meadow Ranch — I can promise that the dishes featured during your visit will be just as thought out and delicious.

Don’t let yourself be intimidated by the drive. The Teton views alone are worth the trip — and will only accentuate the quality of your dining experience.  PJH

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