Knowing What’s True: Listen to your heart for higher guidance and inner wisdom

By on March 1, 2018

This other intelligence… It’s fluid, and it doesn’t move from outside to inside through conduits of plumbing-learning… This second knowing is a fountainhead from within you, moving out.” ~ Rumi



If there is a silver lining in all the current confusion about what’s true and what’s not, it is that we are being called to access and trust our own built-in ways of knowing. Depending less on external authorities and more on our own deep knowing is an important, empowering upgrade in our consciousness. When trying to discern fact from fiction, we can count on objective higher guidance from our souls and honest signals from the body.



Your body is an energy meter. The body reads frequencies and gives an immediate read out in the presence of someone or something we see, hear or read. If a person is telling the truth or not, the body responds to the incoming energy and lets us know if it’s a green or a red light. The signals are loud and clear. Some of these include shivers, heat, a rush of energy, a stomach ache, a pain in the neck, involuntary tears or maybe simply either a distinct yucky or good feeling.

The heart is another energy reader and a big part of the body’s intel. In the presence of a genuinely kind person, an honest person, someone who walks the walk and talks the talk, the heart literally opens/expands and signals the rest of the body to relax. Conversely, in the presence of someone running an ego agenda or who is cruel or shady, the physical heart contracts and the rest of the body follows suit.

The challenge is to learn the unique signaling code of your body and to pay attention. Do not allow your mind to override the signals. The body does not lie. The mind can make up a reason for anything, whether or not it is true.



The longstanding adage to listen to your heart is on the mark. However, be aware that this higher function of the human heart is neither a mental activity nor about emotions. It is a way of knowing which bypasses the mind. The intelligence comes directly from our soul’s connection to Source/the Unified Field of Consciousness, and is relayed to us from the soul via the heart. What this intel looks like is “you just know.” You “just know” if a person you meet, a job, a place to live, a decision you face or an idea to pursue is in your highest greatest good or not.

How many times do people “just know” they’ll marry a person when they first meet. Or when looking to buy a house, the minute they walk in the door, they “just know” this is the one. Most people who find their way here to live in Jackson “just know” they need to be here. I’m sure you’ve had a “I just knew” kind of experience in your life.



Studies conducted at the Heart Math Institute have measured and demonstrated that the heart picks up information from the environment, from people, from future events and from higher intelligence first, and then passes it on to the brain. Ideally, the heart and body intelligence are also supported by linear data … aka facts. When the facts line up but the body signals and intuition are saying “no” it is best to pay attention to your inner wisdom.

Other studies have shown that in job interviews, for example, people make decisions about potential hires in a matter of seconds (via heart, body and right brain intuitive intelligence) and then spend the rest of the interview gathering left brain data/facts to support the near instant initial decision.



The way to access your inner knowing and recognize what’s true is to be still. Go for a walk by yourself, meditate, sit quietly and take some slow deep breaths. Do this often during the day; it can just be for a few minutes. And as my favorite poet Rumi wrote, “ The door is wide open, don’t go back to sleep.” PJH

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