Rollin’ Coffee: Caffeine fixes and delicious dishes a’plenty at Nora’s Coffee Cabin

By on March 1, 2018

“Hey Butch,” Cindy Taylor, resident barista at Nora’s Coffee Cabin, said to a regular rolling through on his way to work.

“I see you have a very thin dog with you,” she joked, knowing the pup has just been put on a regimented diet. He laughed as his pit-bull starts to cross his lap, eyes fixed expectantly on Cindy.  

“I’ll have a medium dark roast,” he said.

“No mocha today?” she said, turning to pour his coffee. I moved my chair a few inches to allow her access, then shifted back to give her room to move to the window again.   

They continued to chat for a few minutes before he headed off for his day.  

“We usually give our customer’s a freshly baked chocolate-chip cookie with their coffee,” she said. “I’m already out, but Kat’s baking a new batch now.”

On the side of Highway 22 in Wilson, Nora’s Fish Creek Inn has been a local favorite for 35 years. If you’re not an early riser during the summer months, you’ll be among the many waiting in line for their famous huevos rancheros, biscuits and gravy, banana bread french toast and other delicious, affordable breakfast options.

A large log cabin with a roaring fireplace and walls filled with skiing memorabilia, it’s one of the last standing establishments embodying the heart and soul of what Jackson Hole was in its hayday. These days, they’re continuing to cater to their loyal customers, which is why chef and owner Kathryn Taylor opened Nora’s Coffee Cabin.  

The idea behind the Cabin had been brewing — pun intended — for years.

“People used to come in and ask for a cappuccino and I’d have to tell them sorry we don’t have that,” says Norene Cannedy, Taylor’s right-hand-woman. “They would bring them in from Pearl Street too, so we knew we were lacking something. Now when they ask for a cappuccino, we can tell them to grab one from the Coffee Cabin while they’re waiting on their breakfast.”

The Cabin offers everything from Americanos to caramel macchiato lattes and cold brewed coffee. All of their beans come from Snake River Roasting.

“They do a Nora’s Blend and a Tortilla Flats for the coffee cabin, named for a beloved old-timer’s nickname for his nieces who used to live there (in the cabin) thirty years ago,” Kat said.  

In addition to assorted coffees, they offer Nora’s popular burritos (including a huevos option with the famous Nora’s salsa verde), biscuits and gravy and house-rolled oats, an oatmeal parfait with house-made granola. Kat cracks the grains herself before baking together her delicious blend. There are also tamales on the menu alongside an assortment of baked goods.

“I want to be able to serve everybody,” Kat said. “Gluten-free, sugar free — Nora’s just isn’t known for that, but I want customers to know that they can get that from the Coffee Cabin.”

While the Cabin is currently a grab-and-go spot, once summer rolls around, a fence will encircle picnic benches on the deck for customers to sit and enjoy coffee, breakfast or perhaps just a bloody mary or mimosa.  

“The idea is that when we’re crazy busy in the summer, and customers are faced with a forty-five minute wait, they have options,” Kat said.  

“Eventually I’d like to offer a soup, sandwich and salad option for hikers too,” she said.

The longterm dream for the Cabin stretches beyond the location itself.  

“I’m not gonna open for dinner again any time soon,” Kat said.

The alternative is offering Nora’s precooked meals for customers looking to take something home.

“We’d love to be able to offer affordable catering options,” she said. “People can call and order nine biscuits and gravy [meals] for an office meeting, or a caesar salad and lasagna for a dinner party at home.”

They already offer day-old burritos for $2 a piece. Customers can head in and grab six for $12, throw them in their freezer, and have a taste of Nora’s whenever they want.  They also offer Shephard’s Pie, meatloaf with mushroom/garlic/onion gravy, and mild chicken enchiladas for $35 — all of which feed a group of eight.  

At the end of the day, it’s about bringing the unique Nora experience to everyone.  Whether it be at home, at the Cabin, or the infamous Inn, every customer can now walk away with the taste of Nora’s.  PJH

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