DON’T MISS: Space Babes, Beaus and Beats

By on March 7, 2018

The Intergalactic Ball turns 10 at Teton Theater

Some of the uber-serious partygoers from Intergalactic Balls of years past. (Kali Collado)

JACKSON HOLE, WY – Animal Planet, Red, White, Gold, Babies on the Moon, Black Holes, Silver, Galactic Samurai, Space Cowboys. Through the years the Intergalactic Ball’s themes have led to some creative and beautiful costumes, said party founder Jeff Stein.

In its 10th year, partygoers have a chance to revisit their favorites, or the themes they missed. The party’s theme this year is “Stardust”—a tribute to David Bowie and Prince, and also because “we’re all made of out of stars,” Stein said. But he encourages people to select whatever theme they want to create their Intergalactic Ball party outfit. “This year there is really an opportunity to let your imagination run wild,” he said.

The party began 10 years ago as a way for Stein to celebrate his 35th birthday. Stein wanted a science fiction or space theme. He’d always been drawn to the genre because normal rules of Earth don’t apply and different worlds and galaxies offer endless fodder for the imagination. That’s how he came up with the Intergalactic Ball. “It would be like a house party in outer space,” he said of his plan for that first soiree. It’s a vibe that even as the party has become tradition, it has maintained. That first year it was at the Jackson Hole Playhouse. Everyone came in costume. “We danced all night,” Stein said. “It became the most obvious thing—of course I am doing it next year.”

It has since become a spring tradition for Jackson, a town where people are always looking for an excuse to wear a costume and dance, Stein said. This year’s music comes from both local and visiting DJs. Doctor Jeep of Brooklyn, New York is known for mixing everything from dubstep to techno to old-school house and more. “He has proven to adapt to any vibe and make it his own style of party,” the Intergalactic Ball website reads. DJ Barisone, a staple of the West Coast underground scene, will come from Portland, Oregon. He draws inspiration from the 90s, hip-hop and dancehall music. He focuses on intimacy and, according to the party’s website, “is most passionate about moving people through sound.”

Local DJs SK and Mustang will also provide the dance music. They have built a strong local following and get people moving with nods to hip-hop, bass music, R&B and more, Stein noted on the party’s website.

All the DJs will get people dancing, which is the whole point of the party, Stein said.

“One of the best parts of the event every year is that people are participants, they aren’t just attendees,” he said. “They help make the party and the event feel special year after year.”

In its 10th year, Stein no longer thinks of the Intergalactic Ball as his birthday party. Near the spring equinox it marks the start of a new season and in some ways a new year for Jackson. “It’s like a birthday party for everyone—in space time.” PJH

Intergalactic Ball, 9:30 p.m. Saturday, March 10 at Teton Theater. Tickets are sold-out but more will be released at the door beginning at 12:30 a.m. based on occupancy. 21 and older; ticket price TBD.

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