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By on March 8, 2018

Mark your calendars for these travel-worthy shows

JT is in SLC April 12.

I’m a big believer in traveling to see the music you love. Whether that means hopping on a plane to a festival or just making a concert the centerpiece of a long weekend on the road, some of the best memories of my life are nights I caught an amazing show and didn’t sleep in my own bed. With February having come and gone, I think it’s finally safe to start thinking about not just the spring, but how you’ll spend summer too. Want to get out of town for a bit? Here are some shows on the other side of the borders worth the gas money.

April 12 – Justin Timberlake, Salt Lake City

Whether you enjoyed Man of the Woods (a bad opinion) or loathed it (a very good opinion), one thing is certain: Justin Timberlake knows how to put on a show. Sure, you may have to sit through a few songs you don’t care about, but consider grooving to “Cry Me a River” as a worthy trade-off.

April 19 – 311/Method Man and Redman, Denver

Redman + Method Man hit Denver in April.

Just because this show isn’t on April 20 doesn’t mean it won’t be the show of your green dreams. When it comes to 311, you either get it or you don’t; there’s no such thing as a casual fan of 311, and getting to see them at Red Rocks will likely be legendary. As for Meth & Red, there’s no questioning their lyrical finesse no matter what they rap about. This is an easy contender for best show you might not remember the next day.

May 1 – Post Malone, Salt Lake City

A lot of people wrote off Post Malone when he first started making national headlines, and a lot of people are wiping egg off their face. Who knew he was setting up a run of songs that would lead him to amphitheaters across the country full of fans that hang on his every word? Even if you don’t get it, you probably know someone who does, and they would love to hit the road with you.

May 3 – Eagles, Salt Lake City

Is it still Eagles without Glenn Frey? That’s the question fans of the band are shelling out the big bucks to find out the answer to. This is one of the, relatively speaking, more intimate stops of a tour that sees the band playing stadiums in some markets. If you’ve spent your entire life defending the band, why stop now?

May 25 – Taylor Swift, Denver

Alas, our efforts to bring Taylor back to Wyoming were unsuccessful, but the dream was nice. She’s the biggest popstar on the planet right now, she’s got a killer opener in Charlie XCX and odds are good you haven’t heard the tracks from Reputation live yet. Just make sure you bring proper ear protection to protect your eardrums from all the screams.

May 30 – Paul Simon, Denver

They don’t really make them like Paul Simon anymore, and with this being his last major tour you need to go see him now if you’ve been putting it off the last few decades. Sure, you could gamble that the chance to see him might pop up again, but odds are it’ll cost you an arm, leg and a little more to do so if the chance comes around.

July 1 – Warped Tour, Denver

Ask yourself, “Do I really want to spend an entire day standing in the sun for bands I haven’t listened to in over a decade?” You know the answer is, “Hell yes!” This is the final full cross-country tour for the longest-running touring music festival in North America, and if you have even one fond memory from the days of Warped Tours past, you owe it to yourself to go.

July 3 – Harry Styles, Denver

If you’ve got a younger family member whose mind you want to blow, get tickets to this show. The best, most interesting member of One Direction is one of the best showmen in modern music, charismatic almost beyond words. If his brand of pop isn’t your style, fear not, because his opening act slays in a different way. Kacey Musgraves is one of the real shining lights in the world of country music right now, and if you’ve never seen her in concert before, she’s just as fantastic on stage as she is in the studio. 

July 18 – Tim McGraw / Faith Hill, Salt Lake City

Two icons in the world of country music, still very much in love, are continuing to tour behind a compelling show that blends the highlights of both artists’ catalogs along with some of their newer duets. The live version of “Break First” will be one of the highlights of your year if you experience it. PJH

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