How to Become Cultured… ‘AF’

By on May 2, 2018

This ain’t your parents’ trivia night

JACKSON HOLE, WY – Andrew Munz turned on the speaker system at The Rose for a question during Cultured AF, Jackson’s newest trivia game. An orchestra erupted in the room, sounds that conjured images of a clashing battlefield.

The song has been playing on trailers everywhere for a new movie, Munz, a Planet Jackson Hole columnist, said. What is it?

Four-person teams huddled, some people immediately grabbed a pencil and jotted down an answer while others discussed in a hushed voice.

As Munz called out the answer, Avengers: Infinity War, a few teams asked if just “Avengers” would suffice.

Just this time he’ll be nice, he said with sass, it’s the first installment of the trivia night, after all.

“But be more specific next time, you’re cultured.”

This isn’t your parents’ Trivial Pursuit. It’s a game for millennials, or those with an extensive knowledge of modern pop culture. Think Netflix originals, eccentric icons like Ru Paul and Jim Carey, Harry Potter plotlines and HBO soundtracks.

“It’s a bit more modern, a bit more fresh,” Munz said. “Your parents aren’t paying attention to this kind of stuff.”

Cultured AF Trivia follows a format similar to trivia nights of the past at Local: six rounds, six questions per round with varying point values and six categories. There’s a super-secret bonus round in the middle in honor of Greg Hahnel and a final jeopardy question at the end where you can risk it all.

“It’s not like writing things on a piece of paper and running it up as fast as you can,” Munz said.

While there will never be a sports category or question, Munz said, Cultured AF trivia is a team sport of up to four people. He said it is smart to utilize people for their unique areas of knowledge.

“It’s good to have a power team of culture-savvy individuals,” he said.

The only way to prepare for it is to consume, Munz said. Listen to all the music you can, watch all the TV and movies you can, read all the books you can. Be that tech-savvy millennial you know you can be.

“It’s trivia for people who are non-committal with their culture taste,” Munz said. “It’s an appetizer platter of culture rather than a bunch of entrees.”

When Munz first pitched the idea for a trivia night at The Rose, it had a very different hook.

He wanted to do drag queen trivia. But after what he called a “less than personally successful” night on the town in drag, which he documented for PJH, he had a change of heart.

“I panicked slightly,” he said.

He racked his brain trying to come up with alternatives to a regular old trivia event or one hosted by a drag queen, but with Munz in charge, it was bound to be anything but ordinary.

“I’m too ambitious for something like that,” he said.

Cultured AF was born. And people showed up. The first night of trivia on April 3 packed The Rose on a normally quiet Tuesday.

The questions and answers were unique and fun, with each player knowing the answer or having that “oh yeah” moment after the answer was read.

“I didn’t want to Google some cookie cutter trivia questions,” he said.

Instead, each question and answer are a reflection of Munz and what he’s interested in—and what he thinks you might know about.

“Coming up with questions for trivia accesses a really different part of my brain that I don’t normally utilize,” he said. “I love recommending things to people: books, movies, songs, and this is a really creative way for me to express all of the things I’m interested in, while at the same time entertaining audiences.”

He looks for answers that not only he recognizes, but that other people in Jackson could too.

“I never want to have questions that really feel like left field answers,” he said. “I like to mislead people with the way I ask the question, but I don’t want it to ever feel like ‘Well, I don’t know what the hell that is.’”

You’ll never hear a question like, “What is the longest snake?” in Cultured AF.

“We can’t even discuss that,” he said. “I don’t know, an anaconda, a boa constrictor? You’re just kind of reaching for knowledge.”

But you may hear one like “Who is the voice actress of Kaa in the 2016 remake of The Jungle Book?” Spoiler alert: Kaa is the snake and is voiced by Scarlett Johansson.

Cultured AF is a celebration of the random bits of knowledge people possess, whether they are gained from a series binge of Friends or a childhood tuned in to MTV.

“We shouldn’t be punished for the things we don’t know,” he said. “Knowledge should always be rewarded. It doesn’t matter if it’s knowledge of VH1’s Charm School hosted by Monique or not.

“Here you can be knowledgeable about the most mundane things that other people say are dumb and finally someone has acknowledged your weird obsession.”

Cultured AF begins 6 p.m., May 15 and 29 at The Rose. Winners receive a $100 gift card to The Rose. It’s free, but participants must be 21 or older.

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