Costumed Revelry, Heavy Bass for Summer Solstice

By on June 20, 2018

Event is a last hurrah for residents to get down before summer chaos ensues

PRSN headlines A Mid Summer Night with his brand of bouncy bass.

JACKSON HOLE, WY – Jeff Stein doesn’t need an excuse to throw a party.

“There is always a reason to celebrate,” he said. “You have to celebrate life in general and I think it adds significance and weight when we celebrate intentionally. We as a society, sometimes it’s nice to have reminders to do that.”

Stein, who has produced and hosted the Intergalactic Ball for 10 years, and throws art and music inspired parties through his production company Nomadic Events, wants the community to come together and celebrate the start of the summer season at what he hopes becomes an annual summer solstice party.

While the Intergalactic Ball celebrates the winter equinox and the coming of spring, A Mid Summer Night honors the summer solstice and the longest day of the year.

“Some people say it’s a summer version of the Intergalactic Ball and there is some truth to that,” he said. “It is a chance for people to gather and dance and have an event that is all about the music, having fun and getting dressed up.” This isn’t attending just another DJ show or going to just another bar, he said.

“The whole point is this is a little more special.”

This year Stein hosted the Intergalactic Ball at the same venue—Hand Fire Pizza—as the upcoming summer solstice party. The old Teton Theater location was a huge success, he said. The venue provides a fantastic dance floor and a beautiful balcony so the party can spread to multi-levels in the building, Stein said. There will be a full bar and pizza by the slice, too.

Like the Intergalactic Ball, costumes are highly encouraged. There are so few opportunities for people to dress up in Jackson, people should take advantage of it. Stein said he imagines partygoers will take the theme “A Mid Summer Night,” in a variety of directions, from Oberon and Pan, to forest fairies and nymphs, to people dressing as the moon and the stars.

“It’s an open palette, or a blank slate open to inspiration,” he said.

DJ PRSN of Portland, Oregon, is coming to Jackson to play the event. His selections span a range of bass-heavy rhythms, while still rooted in hip-hop and dance hall. He travels through tempos and bridges the gap between styles, Stein said on the party’s website.

Local DJs Mustang and SK, along with Stein, who goes by DJ Jefe, will also play the event.

Summer in Jackson can get frantic—there is so much going on and then suddenly it’s almost over, Stein said. The way the Intergalactic Ball brings everyone together one last time before they scatter for the off-season, the summer solstice party is a way to welcome everyone back before people are engulfed by summer madness.

“Let’s take this moment and celebrate summer all together, even if it’s the one time we get to do that,” Stein said.

If the event is successful, Stein hopes to host it annually and maybe throw a series of similar parties throughout the year. For this event, he hopes people “embrace the summer vibes.” He likes tying the celebrations to the seasons, especially in a community full of people with inextricable links to the outdoors.

“Our connection to the seasons and honoring that is something that is really beautiful and powerful, and what better way to do that than come together and dance,” he said.

There are a limited number of tickets available online and Stein encourages purchasing those tickets now. Past parties he has thrown have sold out and he hates turning costumed people away, he said.

“I just create the opportunity,” he said. “It’s the people that make the party. So bring great outfits and good vibes and let’s get down on the dance floor.”

A Mid Summer Night, 10 p.m. Saturday, at Hand Fire Pizza. Tickets are $18 at

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