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By on July 18, 2018

Get hip to these paradigm-shifting developments

With all that competes for our attention every day, it is easy to overlook some quiet paradigm-shifting developments. There is a lot happening on two different fronts relating to a quantum leap in our evolution.

On the one hand, there are scientific discoveries related to our built-in ability to program our own DNA. On the other, there are insider reports from our secret space programs confirming research on and collaboration with non-terrestrial humanoids and their advanced technologies. The combination of the internally-sourced evolution of our consciousness and what we learn from ETs is moving us rapidly toward becoming galactic citizens.

ET Technology

On the technological side, a growing number of insiders from secret space research programs are speaking out. Some of these people include Corey Goode, Emery Smith and the late William Thompkins. According to them, the following is true: the secret programs have ongoing collaboration with non-terrestrial humanoids. They have learned to travel off-planet and have established human colonies in our solar system. And these programs have a repertoire of advanced ET technologies.

The humanitarian purpose motivating disclosure by the many courageous insiders is to give us the knowledge about repressed ET technologies for life extension, healing all diseases, increasing intelligence, expanding psychic abilities and cleaning up the environment. Insiders continue to testify that all of this already exists and needs to be made available to the public.

A reassuring note from insiders who have spent decades interacting with ETs in these programs is that most (not all) ET races are interested in helping us to upgrade. These scientists report that many of the non-terrestrial races with whom they have interacted see humans as very special beings with untapped potential even greater than their own.

Upgrading Our DNA

There is also a group of brilliant scientists writing best sellers and teaching workshops here and abroad about how to advance our evolution using our own consciousness. These researchers have revolutionized what we know about our origins, our biology, psychology and more. You might enjoy the work of these men, including Gregg Braden, author of Human by Design; Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of Spontaneous Evolution; and Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of Becoming Supernatural. They concur we all have the ability to reprogram and upgrade our DNA using the powerful energy frequencies which occur when the heart and brain are in a state of coherence.

From a more metaphysical perspective, our soul’s journey is all about the impetus to know more  in our ever-evolving universe. Every time new discoveries are made about what more is possible, we have the opportunity to evolve beyond our current limitations.

Pushing Forward with Grace

Learning such mind-expanding information may be daunting at first. Not many people are fans of discovering their core beliefs and/or much of what they learned in school are obsolete and require an update.

Yet, we are totally capable of experiencing more than one internal response at the same time. We can feel deep discomfort and at the same time be resilient enough to move forward with grace to the next level of our evolution.

Our part in becoming galactic citizens is to raise our vibrational frequency. The key to doing this is by intentionally choosing love over fear as consistently as possible. This means opening our hearts to each other, to all living things on this planet, and to the Earth herself.

We are urged to live and act knowing all life is intelligent and sensitive. We are called to experience deep compassion for all beings everywhere including ourselves, and to practice forgiveness. It is not accidental, and it is a privilege to be living now on the threshold of an unprecedented evolutionary opportunity. Get hip to these paradigm-shifting developments.

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