Evolutionary Eating

By on August 1, 2018

How to tune up your frequency by changing your diet

“Came from a plant, eat it; was made in a plant, don’t.”  -Michael Pollan

JACKSON HOLE, WY – Scientists agree that the solar system is moving into a part of the galaxy where the energy frequencies are much higher than we have experienced in the past. The acceleration is catalyzing an evolutionary upgrade for our earth. If we choose to evolve with our planet, we have to help ourselves calibrate to the upshift in consciousness. There are many ways to support our spiritual awakening, many of which have appeared in this column.

Let’s consider how the adage “you are what you eat” applies to upgrading our spiritual frequency. Foods are vibrational energies; they are life force translated into matter. When choosing to evolve, what you put into your body needs to be of the highest frequency possible, which means eating with purpose.

If you are drawn to support your evolution with food, plants are the highest vibration because they are able to directly translate light frequencies into matter. Choose from the large variety of vegetables, herbs, fruits, seeds and nuts which are whole, fresh, seasonal, non-GMO and organic. If you’d prefer to eat some meat, seafood and /or dairy, the best options are organic, humanely treated and wild sourced.

When animals are mistreated, fed chemically laden food, slaughtered inhumanely and their meat processed, the amount of life force in the vibratory essence of the food is drastically reduced. It goes without saying that any food subjected to toxic chemicals, genetic modification or those highly processed have a low vibration, which offers little to no food value and contributes to lowering the frequency of our consciousness.

David Wolfe, a prolific author and proponent of food as the key to greater well-being and higher consciousness, researched the colors of food and what each color frequency is designed to facilitate for our well-being.

Red is blood building and heart strengthening. Orange is anti-inflammatory, happiness in action. Yellow foods build and repair tissue and aid immune system development. Green foods neutralize, deodorize, detoxify and cleanse the liver. Blue foods feed creativity, stem cells, bone marrow, the throat and the thyroid. Purple foods protect the gut, central nervous system, the brain and the eyes. Brown nourish the intestines, a digestive tract tonic if you will. White foods, meanwhile, benefit the lungs and the immune system, tabula rasa, source energy. Black foods nourish jing (primordial lifeforce essence), longevity, marrow and the kidneys.

When preparing food, if you are fully present and in your heart, the process of making a meal becomes a meditation which infuses your extra love energy into what you eat.

Here are three more high frequency additions to practice as you enjoy your food.

1.State the intention silently or aloud that you are eating for the purpose of advancing your consciousness.

  1. Express gratitude for what you are about to eat.
  2. Eat slowly and mindfully, being aware of the food, how it tastes and how it feels in your body.


Reap the Benefits

As we do our part to increase our frequency, we will enjoy greater well-being in body, mind and spirit and clean up the environment from toxic chemicals.

Evolutionary benefits are also predicted as we are simultaneously calibrating to the new energies streaming into our planet. For example, it is anticipated that more of the potential encoded in our DNA will activate.

To further support the DNA upgrade, previously untapped capacities of our brains will come on-line. Some scientists foresee that accompanying advances to our consciousness will make telepathy, time travel, instant healing, and expanded sensory perception part of our repertoire.

For the here and now, as best-selling author Michael Pollan advises us, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”  

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